At Fine Lines Auto Detailing we’re proud to offer comprehensive exterior and interior detailing services. We go above and beyond for each of our customers, and use the highest quality products and tools, ensuring that every surface of your vehicle is treated gently and thoroughly. Give us a call today at 520.293.1946 to schedule your service or visit us in person.

Exterior Detail

Our complete exterior detail will restore your vehicle’s paint back to a gorgeous, glossy finish, leaving our vehicle looking better than new! We take our time with every car as if it was our own, going the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Our exterior detailing includes:

  • Cars: $160.00 and up
  • Trucks and SUV: $185.00 and up
  • Clay bar treatment: +$50.00
  • Two step polish: +$35.00
  • Three step polish: +$70.00
  • Add a paint sealant: +$50.00
  • Exterior trim sealant: +$75.00

Approx. Time: 4hrs

Interior Detail

Experience the new car feel again with our interior detailing. This is a complete vehicle interior cleaning designed to deep clean and renew your car or truck’s interior, leaving it looking as good as new. Our interior detailing includes:

  • Cars: $185.00 and up
  • Trucks and SUV: $205.00 and up
  • Fabric Protectant: +$50.00
  • Seat Belts: +$50.00
  • Pet hair removal: +$50.00

Approx. Time: 5hrs

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Engine Steam (top)

Engine detailing keeps your engine looking like new and helps maintain your vehicle’s health and performance. Degrease and steam clean engine and engine compartment. Engine protectant is optional. 

  • $75.00 and up

Approx. Time: 1hr

Complete Detail

Our complete detail includes all of the services featured in the exterior, interior, and engine detail above. A complete detail provides your vehicle with a total transformation inside and out, bumper to bumper, leaving all surfaces cleaned and protected. This is a great value for the entire vehicle and the best option to help preserve your vehicle’s value or to prepare it for sale.

  • Cars: $265.00 and up
  • Trucks and SUV: $305.00 and up

Approx. Time: 1 day

Headlight Restoration

Refinish your discolored or cloudy headlights to a like new finish without the cost of purchasing new headlights.

  • $60.00 and up

Approx. Time: 1-2hrs

Ceramic Paint Coating

Our highly durable coating protects your vehicle’s paint or any other surface from damaging contaminants. Perfect for the car and truck enthusiast who wants the best shine and protection available. We offer 3, 6, and 9 year ceramic paint coatings.

  • Starting at: $700.00 and up
  • Paint correction: Call for estimate

Approx. Time: 2 days


Undercarriage Steam

Degrease and steam bottom of engine, transmission, and front end. $95 and up | Approx. Time 1-2hrs

Windshield Repair

Repair your minor chips and cracks to avoid a costly windshield replacement. $35 a chip

Leather Conditioning

Prevent your leather from cracking or chipping with our leather conditioning service. $50 and up

Odor Removal

Our odor removal treatment will eliminate and control the most problematic odors, and bacteria. $100 | Approx. Time 8hrs

Fabric Protectant

Protect your vehicle's upholstery from discoloration, permanent stains, and wear. $50 and up

Paint Touch Up

Eliminate those minor chips and scratches to maintain your vehicle's paint and appearance. $100 and up

Paint Correction

Removes defects such as light scratches, swirls, water marks, and other imperfections. $60 an hour

Wash & Wax

A quick hand wash and wax will help maintain your vehicle's appearance. $100 and up

Exterior Trim Sealant

Restore, protect, and enhance the exterior trim of your vehicle and guard it from the sun and weather. $75 and up